The weather of late has been such that I have been able to spend a good deal of my spare time sitting upon the front porch. It has allowed me to catch up on my reading, smoke a few cigars and reflect on the general state of things.

Being home by myself has allowed me the luxury of not having to shave, but I fear it has also made me a bit lazy. I have had very little inclination to do anything but prop up my feet and read. Arthur, the family cat, has joined me on several of these occasions.

I understand that there are now 13-14 guests that have reserved places at the picnic to be held on the grounds of Judge Overton's home, Travellers Rest.

The guest list, as I understand now consists of:

  • The Captain & Mrs. Hickey
  • Captain & Mrs. May
  • Mr. Allison
  • Mrs. Staggs
  • Mrs. McClelland
  • Miss Bieniek
  • Miss Jordan (and Guest?)
  • Miss Holmes
  • Miss McClary
  • Miss Woods
  • & myself

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