Day 53

I ventured out yesterday afternoon, to lay hands on presents for the girls, and to have a little peace with my thoughts. The snow out on the main roads is filthy and gray from the ash and wear it has received in the days since it fell. Today is significantly warmer, so perhaps it will begin to melt away?

Otherwise, the trip was an unparalleled success! Not only was I able to procure trinkets for the girls, but for friends and relations back home as well.

In addition to the gifts, I stopped by the apothecary shop to replenish my supplies. I was very pleased to see the vast selection to choose from, they shall fill the blue box nicely.

Upon my return to Upper Grosvenor Street, I laid my trophies out on the table in my room to look them over. As I have re-examined them this forenoon, I do so hope that they will be well received.

Now, if I could just lay hands on a newspaper, a bit of canvas and some twine or ribbon. I shall consult with Mrs. Gamble on the subject straight away!

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