The New Year

Day 69

I have not written as I ought in my journal, but the season has conspired to keep me from my pen! There have been all the things that one would expect to mark the holiday, journeys and arrivals, music and dances, Feasts and overindulgence, walks and outings, visits to Church, and the usual assortment of puddings and pies.

I did, however receive several unexpected surprises from back home. A letter from Dr. Allison who also resides near Nashville, a tin document case from mistress S. Larner, and an assortment of gifts from Miss Waterman back in New York.

A lovely little sextant, a mechanical pencil (to replace, no doubt, my old pencil which I lost, even though I had affixed a string so as to tie it about my neck), and two volumes of 'Wayside & Woodland Blossoms', full of the most cunning little prints of every manner of flower and bloom you have ever seen! And they are small books, which will make them easy to carry in the field.

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