Snow Days

Day 77

For my Banyan, what say you?
I have spent days in the indoors, the city being wracked with snow. I have not been able to get my lecture notes printed as the print shop has been abandoned on account of the weather. I am completely out of sorts over the matter, as my lecture is this very Sunday. All is not yet lost, as I believe the weather may break long enough to allow the printer to find his way back to the shop in time for him to print my sheets.

Yesterday, however, I selected material for a new banyan to be constructed within a fortnight. I am very pleased with the print and the shade of orange. It is my belief that it will hide stains well, and will not have to be washed too often, so as to prematurely wear out the garment. I believe it will serve me well in the warmer climates that I visit toward the middle of the year, New Boston, Locust Grove and the like.

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