Picnic at the Allée

The picnic held at the Allée this Saturday past was most enjoyable, despite the high temperatures. Thirteen of my neighbors and friends came out to enjoy the day among the long stone staircase that leads up the hill. We set up in a lovely little shady spot just under an obliging tree

Miss Waterman was in attendance and wore a lovely wrap-front style gown. My neighbors the Jacksons were also in attendance. Miss Waterman and the General both indulged me in several games of 'Shut the Box', and I was in rare form, winning both games!

I have discover'd that lemonade when bottled and left in the sun, turns into a sort of sickly warm lemon flavoured syrup, and does not quench the thirst well. I ended up pouring a good deal of it out to the delight of the ants.

I must endeavour to remember this lesson for our next outing at Bledsoe's Lick and carry only water with us. Although there will no want of the stuff, as there is a famously cool natural spring near the old fort's location.

The coming month of May brings a great deal of travel and I shall be quite busy. The first weekend there is to be held a fair in Maury County where I shall be demonstrating in the home of Mr. Samuel Polk for the benefit of the publick.

Then I shall be on business to Virginia the next week, followed by our planned Naturalist Walk near Bledsoe's Lick.

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  1. My compliments to Miss Waterman! She looked positively stunning!