The Nature Walk

I have been remiss in my duty to this, my journal and to you my fair reader. The heat and the business of the season have conspired to keep me away. Of course, I write this upon the very eve of my travel to Louisville in Kentucky on even more business that will keep me away fro some time as well. I am scheduled to give a medical lecture to the people in those parts in a few days time.

Until I return, please allow me to share with you some of my rememberances from our recent Nature Walk, held upon the weekend of the 21st of May.

Our group in the midst of our outing, near the rustic 'longhunter's camp'.
Miss Waterman discusses things with the ladies as I discuss business with the gentlemen.

More business is discussed as we take our pleasure of the food prepared.
Miss Waterman explores the Parker Cabin, her cage at the ready.
I perform'd my duty as a gentleman and aided Miss Waterman down the sloped path.
In sober contemplation of our next adventure.

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  1. These pics are absolutely stunning - they look so perfect!
    It reminds me again, that you don't need hundreds of people and a big organisation to have a great historical event.