A new suit of clothes

It is an unusual thing, the planning of one's wardrobe. 

For a good many years now, I have not had to do so. I was in His Majesty's Royal Navy aboard the HMS Zealous then later aboard the Acasta, and it t'was all buff and blue and buff and blue. Never once was a moment's thought entered into the idea of what I might wear from day-to-day. Then upon my retirement, I returned home to discover the death of my beloved Isabella and it t'was all black and black.

Thus, for some years now, I have not had the occasion to give my wardrobe much thought.

Recently however, I have set out to make a bit of a change. I purchased a pair of small fall trousers. Upon their eventual arrival, they required no small bit of alteration as they were positively fit to be worn by my horse, they were so large. The back and legs had to be taken in so that I did not give the appearance of swimming whilst I wore then.

My new slippers
Shortly thereafter, I purchased a new pair of shoes to wear to genteel social occasions, to which I am oft invited. My poor feet are so accustom'd to the free feeling of my riding boots, that they felt quite restrain'd by the tight new slippers. My toes especially!

And to go along with, I have also recently purchased a pattern for a series of different waistcoats and have set about having a nice dark green wool one made. Nothing fancy, as I would not want my transition from black to cause a stir in the community.

But know also, fair reader, that I have purchased enough material for TWO others. One in a nice light green (as I hold a particular preference for the colour), and one in a blue stripe.

The newer, light-weight materials shall aid in my keeping cool during this long, southern summer as I travel as well. In July I shall do a good deal of traveling. First I shall be in the Indiana Territory again along with Spencer's Company of Harrison County Yellow Jackets. There, in that place I shall give a series of my medical lectures to those assembled who might wish to hear.

Then, the very next week I shall travel southward back to Locust Grove where there is to be held a great gathering and festivity. There will be excellent opportunities for shopping and visiting with friends that I have not seen for some time.I am looking forward to it.


  1. ooooh dear. (laughs in the corner) sorry, just didn't know they came in man-sizes.

  2. What a delight to the eye seeing a man in such decent footwear.
    I’ve spent the last years trying to convince, persuade and even (I am afraid) slightly threaten my dear husband to kindly reflect upon his clothing habits and purchase shoes.
    But he still insists on wearing his old and worn out boots, even on more formal occasions with the local gentry.
    He strongly believes that a man, who lives in a small village in the fair countryside is always dressed properly in country attire. Maybe it’s time for another hint and I shall shewing him this…
    Mrs S.

  3. I agree with 1800, real men wear slippers. They look great, Albs. Mr.Darcy would be proud. He wore slippers too, and just look at the international following he has!