From the Ohio country

I have returned from another pleasure weekend at the Farnsley-Moremen House in Louisville, Kentucky along the Ohio River. The weather was cool and pleasant with light rain in the early mornings. The company was delightful, with most of my favourite people in attendance.

Miss Waterman spent her afternoon on Friday in archery practice with her recently acquired bow. She was like a child at Christmas! A good deal of my time on Friday afternoon was spent in conversation with Mr. Cushing upon the topic of his disappointment of a few months back.

On Saturday, Mrs. Cooper held her archery competition for Ladies of quality, at about midday I gave a medical lecture to a full auditorium of publick, then it was on to tea with the Dubbelds under their superb tent.

Whilst at tea, Miss Waterman stood and offered up a special thanks to everyone there for making her feel so welcome since her arrival last year. Miss Waterman and I also spent some time with the Mudds who brought along their new daughter.

After the tea, the Tumbuschs held dance instruction under the pavilion. We all danced and laughed. Because Mrs. Wise had to leave early, we had to hold the second half of the ladies archery competition instead of having the second portion on Sunday afternoon

Mrs. Kannick came in first place with Miss Myers a close second and Miss Waterman in third.

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  1. stop running around the country with that hussy governess, and let me out of this attic!