At Sea

Day 46
Aboard the Constant
At Sea

Only a brief entry today. Winds heavy and cold from the Southeast. I have scarcely removed my jacket in a week, even to sleep, for the bitter cold. There was snow on the deck again yesterday.

I grow ever so meloncholy after such a prolong'd voyage across the Atlantic. I am ready to have my feet upon the earth again, even if it is in the streets of London.

Although I have left them in very capable hands, I am concerned for the girls as well as the upkeep of the house in my absence. To occupy my mind, I have begun to write my usual batch of Christmas letters to family and friends now quite distant.

We encountered the Pheobe on 30th November at which time I was able to write a brief missive to Miss Waterman back in New York, but was unable to send any other mail whilst in transit. I will have to wait until I arrive ashore to post any more letters.

I take solace only in the fact that we are due to arrive very soon.

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