Day 89

Departed Portsmouth on Friday last and the ship lumbers Westward. The sailors have been about the business of removing the snow from the decks, as it has snowed for the past several days. No sooner have they cleared the deck than it accumulates again. According to my calculations, we should arrive back in the States on or about Feb 24th, if we are fortunate enough to continue to have good winds as we did in the Channel.

I was introduced by the captain yesterday to Mr. O------, the robust ship's surgeon. Mr. O------'s accent seems to suggest that he is a Scot, but it is difficult to tell. He was quite proud of his tools and equipment, wanting to show me every piece of it, it grew quite tiresome before it was all over.

I believe that Mr. O------- is just pleased to have someone else aboard that can appreciate what he is talking about.

Before I departed his company, he insisted that I dine with him this evening. While I desire nothing more than some solitude and the company of my books, I felt it would be bad form to refuse him, so I agreed to join him.

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