Boredom at Sea

Day 98

Mr. O-----, the ship's surgeon has enthusiastically had me to dinner nearly every evening since I came aboard. It would seem that he has no greater wish than to bore me with talk of his mediocre surgical 'exploits' since he began his career. I have begun to hatch schemes so as to avoid his invitations, most involve hiding or not being in my cabin so he cannot find me. I have discovered that it is difficult to appear 'busy' when one has nothing at all to do. That combined with the relatively small size of the ship itself... "Why Doctor!" he exclaims, "Whatever are you doing all the way down here?"

I have used the remainder of my time in pursuit of cards, mornings in my banyan playing Patience whilst alone, and Beggar My Neighbor seems to be a favorite of the fellows in the wardroom in the evenings. They play with great enthusiasm, with shouts and exclamations as they throw their cards upon the little table.

I am certain that there has been a write up of my talk to the Royal College from the 16th of last month. Perhaps Mr. Gamble or Mr. Foster will save me a copy and send it along via the post?

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