Day 114

My journey is nearly over, thank the Lord. I have never been as ready to debark a vessel as this one, or to depart company as that of the tiresome Mr. O--------.

I am ready to return to my regular life and to see my family and friends again. Fortunately, according to my best calculations, we are about a week from making land again. By journey's end, I will have been traveling for about 125 days or so.

There has been no opportunity to post any letters, as we have not encountered a single ship. Not that there have been NO ships in sight, but our captain is quite weary given the state of things between England and the United States, and has taken great pains to avoid other vessels. Therefore, the entirety of my correspondence will have to take place upon my return home.

I imagine that there will be a great deal of post awaiting my return to 'Birdsall Cottage'. My home, located along the Cumberland River, is nestled between 'Soldier's Rest' and Maj. Genl. Jackson's property called 'The Hermitage', that consists chiefly of land he purchased from my former neighbor, Mr. Nathaniel Hays.

My elderly neighbor, General Thos. Overton at Soldier's Rest, is always eager to see me in residence, being desirous to take turns about his property with me and trade stories of our days in our respective militaries.

I look forward to those walks in the sun again.

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  1. My dearest Doctor;

    Indeed there is at least one person more excited than yourself for your return. Do have a care not to drown in waiting correspondences.

    Ms. Waterman