At The Black Horse

O' to have my feet upon the earth once more! I took the most direct coach back into Tennessee and was back in my home on Friday last. It was good to have the girls in my arms again. I have since checked in with my closet neighbor Genl. Overton who reported that he checked in on my little cottage nearly every day since I departed, and has on three occasions had several of his men to shovel the snow off of the roof during the most recent winter storms to avoid damage to the property.

On Saturday the 26th, I traveled to the nearby Black Horse Tavern, run by Mr. S. Bradford, to take my ease, do some gaming and have a few drinks.

The notice upon the board reads thus:

Hold fast to that which is good. 

THE Subscriber having met with great encouragement in the
town of Nashville, which has induced him to move to that
large new brick house below the market house

At the Sign of the 


where he has opened a house of private entertainment for gentle-
men and ladies, it being completely calculated to entertain those
that may please to give him a call. — His accommodations are
fine, stables are furnished with every thing for the comfort of
horses as they are dirt floors which will not stock or swell horses
legs and prevent them from travelling.

Genteel boarders, per week,      2 Dol. 50 Ct.
Board and lodging, do.              3 Dol. 50 Ct.
Horse, do.                                  3 Dol. 50 Ct.
Horse, 24 hours,                                   62 1-2 Ct.
Lodging, per night,                               12 1-2 Ct.

The attention which will be given to serve the public will no
doubt be much in favor.

June 7, 1808.

I arrived at Five in the evening and to my surprise and delight who should I discover but Miss Waterman on a visit from New York! As it turns out, Mr, Hegwood's health is poor, and it has been recommended that they move him to a warmer climate. They sent Miss Waterman along first in an attempt to secure lodging here in this very region. She and her servant were currently lodged in the Black Horse at the rate of 3 Dollars and 50 Cts. per week while they sought out a new home for the Hegwoods.

 Miss Waterman and I at 'Shut The Box' whilst the Tavern Keeper looks on.

I was able to entice Miss Waterman into a few friendly games at the gaming table. "Shut the Box" was played several times, as well as One long game of "Beggar my Neighbor" in which I narrowly managed to win against both Miss Waterman and the Tavern Keep.

The Tavern Keep also taught me how to play a game of cards called 'Punt' at which I lost Six Dollars and Fifty Cts. It was a difficult game to learn wherein the number three card is high and the number four is low, quite confusing.

Perhaps I ought to send a note to Miss Waterman and volunteer my services, not only to Mr. Hegwood as Doctor, but also to the family in aiding their search for a new home?

 A portrait made by Mr. Glidden of those in attendance at the
Black Horse Tavern on the evening of the 26th.

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  1. I can hear you and that Governess making merry downstairs! Let me out of the attic at once or I shall burn down the house!