Strange Dreams

Day 105

I have whiled away many hours of late reading my new edition of Wm. Buchan's Domestic Medicine. I purchased the latest edition in London, and have fallen asleep in my hammock at night on more than one occasion aboard ship with it open on my chest, my magnifying glass in my hand.

Mr. O-----'s array of rich supper fare has caused the most peculiar dreams of late. Some based in memory, some based in that strange dream world where anything might occur.

Last night, I dreamed that I attended the most unusual sort of ball with Miss Waterman as my companion. Some of those in attendance wore clothing that I recognized, some wore clothing from my father's generation, and some wore things I did not know at all! Military uniforms and women's dresses that were absolutely unknown to me! My friends, the Tumbusch's, who are usually very finely dressed, wore the most unusual garb...

Miss Waterman, of course, was finely arrayed in a long flowing ball gown of white, decked with pearls and great white feathers in her hair.

There was a Grand March and a fine assortment of dancing to be had for certain, but the clothing and the surrounds were so terribly unusual. There were others there that I knew from my travels, Capt. Cushing and the Grahams, The Logsdons, the Tumbuschs, Miss Larner and her daughter (wearing fashions that would have been befitting my mother's era methinks) and so forth.

A fine time was had by all, and a group of us even retired to Capt. Cushing's abode for drinks and merriment afterword. Although, the mode of the dream really showed itself when Miss Graham spent the evening in the kitchen cooking and wearing trousers! Most unusual. I do seem to recall that the food was delicious though.

All in all, it was a grand dream and I awoke the next day eager to return home and see my friends once again.

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