A Memory

There is only a fortnight until the Picnic planned at the Allée, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends again. I hope that the weather will improve and cooperate with us for the event.

Two days ago I ordered a new pair of Small Fall Trousers, and it is my sincere hope that they arrive before the picnic, although I do not expect that they will.

There has been a most unexpected change in the weather, cold at night, windy and cloudy during the days. It has made it most unpleasant to be in the outdoors. Additionally, it has kept me from visiting neighbors of late.

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Whilst cleaning out a desk drawer a few days ago, I discover'd the old letter of introduction writ for me by the hand of my captain aboard the Zealous. Along with it was the medal for my service at the Battle of the Nile, for which my friends are always desirous to have an antic-dote.

I can tell you, it was all shouting, everyone was shouting, and smoke and fire and blood, so much blood. I remember Cuddy staggered down into the cockpit when the noise above decks had ceased. He was covered from waist to foot in blood... "You are undone!" says I.

Cuddy was not his jovial self that day, instead soberly says, "Tis not my blood I wear Doctor."

The Zealous was fortunate in that she and her crew did not receive the number of casualties of the other ships of the British force.

It is a gruesome tale and not one I wish to recall.

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