This Present Year

Upon a review of my adventures last year, I have begun to grow excited about my travels in this present year. The girls and I have a good number of places to visit this summer. The following is an account of the plans I have made this far:

In April there will be a gathering of friends for a Picnic at the Allée. I have it on good authority that my neighbors the Jacksons will be in attendance. Then, in May I have put together a gathering of interested parties to join me in a nature walk out at Bledsoe's Lick.

In June, we will return to Locust Grove in Kentucky along the Ohio River for one of my medical lectures. Then it will be on to the Indiana Territory in July, followed by a great festival the very next weekend.

August is quite free. I suspect I will spend my time at home taking care of Birdsall Cottage and keeping up my practice.

September is quite the reverse, with something planned for me nearly every weekend. There will be another great fair at New Boston during which I will lead a small naturalist expedition into the woods just beyond the site of the fair. Then it will be on to the Farnsley-Moremen Estate for more medical lecturing.

During the final weekend in September, I have been summoned to the Muster that is to take place upon the Wabash in the Indiana Territory, on a bluff that overlooks the Wabash River.

Then I shall be off to the Ohio country to stay with friends and give a medical lecture to interested parties. I have no doubt that there will be intervening garden parties, dancing and other assorted forms of merriment in the spaces in between.

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