Read what others have had to say about their visit with the DOCTOR:

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful presentation to the Jane Austen Society in Louisville. It was both completely informative and equally entertaining."

-Jacqueline Fessard Johnson
JASNA-GL Program Coordinator

"The public was greatly entertained and we had so many positive comments about the Doctor’s demonstrations that we truly hope he will attend our fair next October."

-Jack Johnson, Trade Fair Coordinator 
Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial

"Mr. Roberts does an amazing job interpreting an era of Tennessee history that is too often forgotten. He is devoted to the art of bringing history to life and generously shares his knowledge and skills with those lucky enough to cross his path. The Doctor is a #1 hit with students attending our (annual) Trades Festival and The Spring Sampler."

-Tonya Staggs, Education Director 
Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum

"[the Doctor] did a wonderful job relating to the children and looked magnificent in costume. I just wanted to stay for the entire session."

-Kathy Rayburn, Head of School 
Currey Ingram Academy

“Mr. Roberts' character was so realistic... it was nearly impossible to tell where the Doctor ended and Mr. Roberts began. His dedication and enthusiasm for living history was very evident. His presentation was a marvelous combination of education and entertainment.”

-Mary Norton, 5-8 Gifted Education
Poplar Grove School, Franklin Special School District

“By interpreting an era of medicine innocent of many modern niceties, Albert Roberts opens a new perspective of today's world with a delightful blend of history and science for learners of all ages.”

-Gerry Barker, Wagoneer

 “His interaction with the public engages their interest whether they are school children or retirees. Professional, accurate, and entertaining.”

-B. L. Rhodes, Museum Education Specialist 
Tennessee State Museum

“The first time I saw the Doctor, he was entertaining some children and their parents. I was supposed to be demonstrating book-binding myself, but I was so spellbound that I spent an hour or so sitting in his cabin just watching him work. What a wonderful job he does...”

-James Moore, the ‘Bible Man’

"The Doctor strolled onto our campus and never once broke character. He brought the 18th Century to Currey Ingram in his own great style. His performance delighted adults and students alike and kept them on he edge of their seats. They enjoyed the wax sealing exercise and held onto those papers like a treasure."

-Lindsay Naylor, Director of Special Events 
Currey Ingram Academy

"You are amazing! Thank you for all that you do to keep history alive!"

-Heather Frizzell, 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher
Dayspring Academy, Greenbrier, Tennessee

"Thank you for what you are doing, it's appreciated by us all at Sea Rats Atlantic."

-J. Ruggiero, 1st Lieutenant 
Aboard the LOST FAITH
Sea Rats Atlantic